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What are Manifold bounties?

From time to time, a member of our community goes above and beyond in helping Manifold make prediction markets accessible & ubiquitous. We’d like to recognize such contributions publicly, and include a token of our appreciation in the form of M$!

Examples of community work that may be eligible for a bounty:

  • Blog posts, markets, or comments which lead us to significantly change our views
  • A track record of creating markets that help people make better decisions
  • Promoting Manifold & forecasting to a wider audience
  • Identifying serious exploits with our financial infrastructure

Our community is the beating heart of Manifold; your individual contributions are what make this platform valuable at all. Thanks to everyone listed here (as well as countless unnamed others) for your help & support!

Awarded bounties

🥧 Awarded 2022-03-14

Kevin Zielnicki: M$ 10,000

Pepe: M$ 10,000

  • For developing the function used in our Constant Function Market Maker and working with us to polish it on Discord, making it easier for us to provision liquidity compared to a CPMM.

Gurkenglas: M$ 5,000

  • For concrete suggestions on Discord around improving our market maker algorithms, and creating useful graphs to make our different market makers more legible.

Scott Alexander: M$ 5,000

David Glidden: M$ 5,000

  • For taking on the mantle of @MetaculusBot, which allows traders access to a wider spread of topics, and permits head-to-head comparisons between our prediction markets and other forecasting platforms.

Isaac King: M$ 5,000

Blazer: M$ 2,500

  • For calling out our mistake in retroactively publicizing all market creator’s trades, leading us to revert this feature entirely.

⛑️ Awarded 2022-01-09

Duncan: USD $50

  • For identifying and confidentially reporting an exploit where entering negative numbers into the trade box would allow the trade to go through.
  • Note: this was denominated in USD, as it predated the creation of our bounty program.

Final note

If a particular contribution isn't listed here, that doesn't mean we didn't really appreciate it. There’s so much great work by our community; we aren't always able to catch them all!

If you feel that someone's exceptional contribution has fallen through the cracks (including your own!), please consider creating a market for “Will <X> be recognized for a Manifold bounty?” and posting it on our Discord. Thanks!

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