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What are Manifold bounties?

From time to time, a member of our community goes above and beyond in helping Manifold make prediction markets accessible & ubiquitous. We’d like to recognize such contributions publicly, and include a token of our appreciation in the form of M$!

Examples of community work that may be eligible for a bounty:

  • Blog posts, markets, or comments which lead us to significantly change our views
  • A track record of creating markets that help people make better decisions
  • Promoting Manifold & forecasting to a wider audience
  • Identifying serious exploits with our financial infrastructure

Have something cool to share with us? Drop by our Discord or send us an email at (especially for exploits)

Our community is the beating heart of Manifold; your individual contributions are what make this platform valuable at all. Thanks to everyone listed here (as well as countless unnamed others) for your help & support!

Awarded bounties

👾 Awarded on 2022-11-16

legolas + team: M$20,000 miaz: M$10,000

💥 Awarded on 2022-10-31

Matt Kempster: M$5,000

  • For alerting the Manifold team to a way users' emails were being publicly exposed.

💥 Awarded on 2022-10-07

Pepe: M$10,000 Jack: M$2,000 Martin: M$2,000 Yev: M$2,000 Michael: M$2,000

  • For discovering an infinite mana exploit using limit orders, and informing the Manifold team of it privately.

Matt: M$5,000 Adrian: M$5,000 Yev: M$5,000

  • For discovering an AMM liquidity exploit and informing the Manifold team of it privately.

🎈 Awarded on 2022-06-14

Wasabipesto: M$20,000

  • For creating an awesome stats page which features and analyses various data sets! This can be found on the second tab of our analytics page.

Jack: M$10,000

  • For adding a bunch of charities to Manifold for Good, working out market math with Austin, and excellent comment activity.

Forrest: M$10,000

IsaacKing: M$10,000

  • For responsible disclosure of an exploit involving liquidity withdrawal, which has now been fixed! Removing one infinite money glitch at a time.

Sjlver: M$5,000

  • For responsible disclosure of a potential exploit. We would say what it is, but it isn’t quite fixed yet! 🤫

🌿 Announced on 2022-05-02

Marshall Polaris: M$200K

  • For spearheading the effort to open-source Manifold, by documenting our processes, triaging bugs, and improving the new contributor experience.
  • Marshall contributed over 2 weeks of part-time volunteer work; as such, we are awarding an amount that reflects the extraordinary amount of effort he’s put in.

Vincent Luczkow: M$10,000

Akhil Wable: M$10,000

Alex K. Chen: M$6,000

  • For the creation of a metric ton of innovative, long term questions. At the time of award, Alex was singlehandedly responsible for 20% of all markets posted in April.

ZorbaTHut: M$5,000

Tetraspace: M$3,500

tcheasdfjkl: M$2,500

  • For calling out numerous areas of improvement, e.g. around our profit numbers being wonky, and problems with the DPM ⇒ CFMM market conversions.

Jack: M$500

  • For recommending we list the Long-Term Future Fund as a supported charity.

N.C. Young: M$500

  • For recommending we list the Givewell Maximum Impact Fund as a supported charity.

    *🥧 Awarded 2022-03-14*

Kevin Zielnicki: M$10,000

Pepe: M$10,000

  • For developing the function used in our Constant Function Market Maker, making it easier for us to provision liquidity compared to a CPMM.

Gurkenglas: M$5,000

  • For concrete suggestions around improving our market maker algorithms, and creating useful graphs to make our different market makers more legible.

Scott Alexander: M$5,000

David Glidden: M$5,000

  • For taking on the mantle of @MetaculusBot, which allows traders access to a wider spread of topics, and permits head-to-head comparisons between our prediction markets and other forecasting platforms.

Isaac King: M$5,000

Blazer: M$2,500

  • For calling out our mistake in retroactively publicizing the market creator’s trades, leading us to revert this feature entirely.

⛑️ Awarded 2022-01-09

Duncan: USD $50

  • For identifying and confidentially reporting an exploit where entering negative numbers into the trade box would allow the trade to go through.
  • Note: this was denominated in USD, as it predated the creation of our bounty program.

Final note

If a particular contribution isn't listed here, that doesn't mean we didn't really appreciate it. There’s so much great work by our community; we aren't always able to catch them all!

If you feel that someone's exceptional contribution has fallen through the cracks (including your own!), please consider creating a market for “Will <X> be recognized for a Manifold bounty?” and posting it on our Discord. Thanks!

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